Singland SGM

Singland Strategic Global Media is a media development hub, a cyberspace developer and provider of Strategic solutions to today’s digital economies.  SSGM aims to align participants’ products and services into a uniquely structured knowledge platform to meet today’s new economy challenges. Infocomm SG and E-biz SG are distinctive “Solution Gateway” and “Solution Global” application modules for the creation of new opportunities. Participants can also select a domain brand affiliation for strategic globlisation of their services.

Flagship Programs and activities :  Business Start-up to Scale-up
Job and Business Opportunities : Professional Associate | SGM Professional | SGM Specialist | Corporate Host.

Head start | Affiliate Privileges | Create immediate Job or Business | Upgrade with a choice specialty domain or to higher Consortium Financial Plan that suits your growth plan.  

Progression | Qcircle Digital Growth Plan

Join as a Solution Provider or Solution Learner / Clientele. Members Partners have the privilege to create a digital value chain at the eConsortium with an allocated domain brand as their value addon portfolio. Express your interest or post to consult here
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